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Enron's demise transpired following the revelation that A great deal of its gains and revenue have been the result of promotions with Specific function entities (constrained partnerships which it controlled). This meant a large number of of Enron's debts and the losses that it endured weren't reported in its fiscal statements.[citation desired]

Dim cynic method states Euro international locations care about the price of health care regulation since with one payer systems, the government should pay the Invoice.

Enron to begin with prepared to retain its three domestic pipeline businesses together with almost all of its abroad assets.

My impression was that there was a lot less drug regulation in Europe than there is in the US. By way of example drug providers just really need to confirm that their medicine are safe beyond a reasonable question to be lawful, instead of needing to prove both protection and efficacy.

As October ended, the inventory experienced diminished to $15. Numerous regarded as this a great chance to acquire Enron inventory due to what Lay were telling them while in the media.[forty]

Either You must say patents don’t utilize where by vital drugs are at stake (and fantastic luck with that, no manufacturer is currently going to hassle inventing everything) or you have to pressure the original manufacturer to allow knock-off styles, And exactly how do you think you're intending to get that past a court of law?

There’s a thread on /ratanon/ specifically for replies to SSC posts that might normally get you banned. Go nuts, I’d wish to see the uncensored reaction.

Saudi Arabia isn’t donating to your Clinton foundation for the reason that its rulers are so intrinsically generous. Naturally donating to your Clinton Basis on A significant scale is definitely an act of lobbying.

Choose, for example, the Barcelona chair designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe – hailed as One of the more celebrated designs of all time.

Honestly? This Seems quite a bit a lot more similar to a pseudo-libertarian fantasy than truth since we can actually consider the reality in other international locations. The united kingdom has no difficulty finding adrenaline injector’s produced, firms are usually not fleeing the state and there’s very little trouble get redirected here if you need an epi-pen. I think There may be some type of list of regional minima, you may control appropriately or you'll be able to go comprehensive on free market place or you may go together with a managed free of charge marketplace but someway the US has wound up teetering on the best of sort sort of mountain in drug-value space Using the worst feasible combination of robust and weak regulation Along with the worst sector failures.

Where men and women routinely will visit court to sue for damages, that appears to me to really make it more likely that any law or regulation released right after Jones’ Warmth Dying Sauce Manufacturers Vs I Burned My Mouth With your Warm Sauce is going to have a great deal of fiddly bits’n’bobs to try and head off almost every other “you by no means explained to the packaging I couldn’t stick it up my nose and I burned my mucous membranes and I’m suing for the cost of plastic surgical procedures for your new nose” check my source cases that might come together in foreseeable future.

I don’t yet know if my Young ones are allergic to beestings. If epipens Expense $20 and were being freely accessible, I'd fully keep a single in the primary support package (and a lot view of other people would too). It appears quite very likely that men and women have died for lack of cheap epipens.

Since regardless of whether a chair is Doing work as developed or bit by bit killing you is a lot easier to figure out than irrespective of whether a drug is undertaking the identical?

edit: to explain, I far too am commonly a admirer of pulling numbers out of the ass with which to carry out calculations. But you might want to accept your error margin, which imposes a Restrict on the level of outrage you can get around it.

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